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The company Optical LLC from Kruševac (Serbia) was founded in 2010. The main activity was wireless internet providing on the territory of Rasina district. In addition, Optical LLC provided computer network design, implementation and administration services.
During 2011, the company began developing electronic devices with printed circuit boards (PCBs). It soon offered several devices from its own production to the market. The basis consists of electronic circuits with a GSM module designed by our designers. GSM Controller, GSM Box, Console Manager and GPS Tracker are at the market. For all these devices Optical LLC provides maintenance, services, and additional equipment.
The device by which Optical LLC has become recognizable outside the borders of Serbia is the GSM/SMS Scale used in beekeeping. SMS Scale has been awarded many times at relevant competitions and fairs in the country and abroad, and so far it has been sold in over 20 countries around the world. The 4th generation of this successful product is currently under development.
Vladimira Ćorovića 22
37000 Kruševac
PIB: 106489673
M.B.: 20613416
Addiko bank
Čačanska bank
IBAN: RS35165000202410713681
PayPal: office@optical.rs
Working hours:
Mon - Fri 09-17h
Saturday 10-14h

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