GSM Controller

Device for remote control and notification via mobile phone.
You can control up to 2 independent devices by simply sending SMS messages.
In the event of a power failure or arrival, the GSM Controller notifies you of the current status of your devices via SMS or GPRS to the appropriate computer.


Server (remote server reset due to malfunction)
Switches (remote reset of switches due to defective functionality)
DVR devices (remote reset of DVR devices due to defective functionality)
Wireless links and base stations (remote reset of wireless links and stations due to faulty functionality)

Control via SMS:
Heating (remote switching on and off of electric boilers and radiators)
Air conditioners (remote switching on and off of air conditioners)
Lighting (remote switching on and off of external and internal lighting)
Fans (remote switching on and off of air conditioners)
Irrigation (remote switching on and off of land irrigation pumps)
Pumps (remote switching on and off of pumps for pumping flooded areas)

Notification via SMS or GPRS:
Power outage / arrival (Important notice for high reliability systems: refrigerators, air conditioners, ventilation…)
Alarm function (burglar alarm due to opening a cabinet with expensive equipment or entering a forbidden space)
Alarm function (in combination with alarm control panels or DVR systems)
Temperature and humidity (notification of critical temperatures or humidity)

Ability to customize the device according to user needs.
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